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Explore the most heart-pounding things to do in California with Cloud 9 Living's outdoor adventure activities in Los Angeles!

Take a breather from the City of Angels' concrete jungle, and immerse yourself in the exuberant fun Mother Nature has to offer, just outside of city limits! Unleash your wild side by land, air and sea — taking full advantage of fresh air and freedom, riddled with pure adrenaline.

Nothing will make an outdoor enthusiast happier than LA adventures that put participants in contact with some of the area's most gorgeous trails and scenery. Escape to the San Andreas Fault for some of California's most riveting hiking and biking excursions. Explore the vast expanse of the Fault's contorted rocks, twists, turns, and dramatic formations along both higher-traffic and remote areas. Whether traversing this impressive desert landscape by bike or foot, local geology experts will serve as your trusted guides for these adventure activities near Los Angeles, ensuring safe navigation of the terrain while sharing about the area's fascinating history, Indian culture, and wildlife.

Want in on things to do outside in LA that offer a little more desert action? Hop into an open-top Jeep Wrangler to roll through the rugged backcountry of Earthquake Canyon or Joshua Tree territory. Admire the wild geology of the San Andreas Fault. Or trek through the Little San Bernadino Mountains; then climb 4000 feet on a thrilling 4WD journey from the Colorado and Mojave Deserts! And speaking of ascents, be sure to check out cool Los Angeles adventures like rock climbing lessons. Hop into a hot air balloon in nearby areas like Temecula, Del Mar and Santa Barbara, taking in gorgeous scenery from thousands of feet up! Or turn the tables and go the descent route, braving a 10-story bungee jump off the Bridge to Nowhere, or the gradual downward swoop of a hang gliding flight!

If plunges are the name of your thrill-seeking game, don't miss out on the hottest H2O experiences LA has to offer. With Cloud 9 Living's array of extreme sports by water, it's easy to get in on the coolest things to do in Los Angeles via Pacific waves. Hang ten with a surfing lesson. Cruise along on a sailing charter. Explore depths below on an underwater photography excursion. Watch for whales, try sportfishing, dive with sharks, and more!

Have a hankering for thrilling LA adventures but crave full-on outdoor activities a wee bit less? Cloud 9 Living has your adrenaline needs covered!

Make the most of what city livin' has to offer, with urban excursions that are jam-packed with exhilaration. Experience the City of Angels in ways that will have you grinning from ear to ear, not to mention squealing with delight!

For those who prefer a little more razzle-dazzle to their sightseeing endeavors or tourist tendencies, guided outings are ready and waiting. Strap on a helmet and jump on a Segway for the tour of a lifetime in Long Beach! Or zip around city streets and boardwalks, visiting top places to see in LA by bike. Or get those legs movin' with a sunset hike up to the summit of the famed Mount Hollywood.

Love the idea of taking in brilliant LA views from way up yonder? There are plenty of other ways to do it, that come with a dash of adrenaline! Enjoy top Los Angeles adventure activities like scenic biplane and helicopter tours around downtown or Hollywood. Take the aerial fun a bit further and hop into the pilot's seat of a Cessna to learn how to fly an airplane! Buckle up in the cockpit of a real helicopter for a flying lesson in Palm Desert, or fire up a Boeing flight simulator to try your hand at wielding the aircraft. Hang on tight to brave the loops, dives and rolls of an aerobatic biplane thrill ride. Or go engine-less for a ride, lesson or tricks in a glider plane! Want to try an extreme sport in LA like skydiving, without the worry of heights? Enjoy all rushes of a freefall from the safety of an indoor wind tunnel — the perfect adventure in LA for any age!

For more ground-based thrills, don't forget the giant collection of car racing experiences Cloud 9 Living offers! With nationally acclaimed tracks like the Auto Club Speedway located just outside of Los Angeles, it's never been easier to put the pedal to the metal in a dream car. Rev power-hungry and performance-ready vehicles like stock, Indy and exotic cars! Unforgettable opportunities like drives and ride alongs are the perfect way to make big bucket list wishes once-in-a-lifetime realities for family and friends. And with cool outdoor activities like Mustang and BMW driving schools, it's easy to get a car buff burnin' rubber in the safest and most impressive ways in LA! From driving to flying, tours and more — these Los Angeles adventure activities offer plenty of fun for everyone, at every level.