Bridge to Nowhere Bungee Jump

Azusa, CA

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Conquer your fears and free your soul as you bungee jump in the expert hands of the oldest operating bungee company in the United States.

  • A full day adventure: enjoy a 5 mile hike to the Bridge to Nowhere, then jump from it!
  • Jump from 10 stories high above a raging river with the only company in California licensed to jump from a bridge
  • 20 years, not a single injury! You're in the best hands to enjoy your day of excitement
Angeles National Forest - 30 minutes north of Azusa, CA

Saturdays & Sundays - 7:00 AM

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    Essential Information
    • All participants must be at least 12 years old and weigh between 80 and 265 pounds. If participants weigh above 265 pounds a $30 fee and special booking arrangements are required. Please call Cloud 9 Living if you weigh more than 265 pounds. Participants under 18 years of age must have parental authorization.
    • Please note that this experience includes a rocky, rugged 10-mile (round trip) hike that crosses a river 12 times
    • It is highly recommended to bring a backpack with a lunch, snacks, water and clothing appropriate for the weather conditions. No alcohol or glass containers are allowed
    • There is a parking fee of $5 per vehicle
    This is a full day adventure.
    Experience Provider Info
    Complete information for your Experience Provider, including contact information, will be included on your booking confirmation email once you or your gift recipient have scheduled the experience. Our Product Management team handpicks top-rated experience providers, removing the guesswork for you and ensuring your peace of mind.
    Maximum Participants
    Each jump or set of jumps is for 1 person. Total group size will vary. For groups more than 5 people, please contact Cloud 9 Living to book.
    Friends and family are always welcome to join, however they must register online with the experience provider and pay a non-refundable $10 fee. Please call Cloud 9 Living at 866-525-6839 to add a spectator(s) to your reservation. The $10 fee allows access to the facilities at the bridge as well as the guided hike. While the jumps are taking place, spectators can watch from the bridge or hang out in the river below while catching some rays. If spectators decide they'd like to jump while at the bridge the $10 fee will be applied towards their jump. If purchasing a jump at the bridge, please know that the jump cost must be paid for in cash and there is a $20 late registration fee.
    Weather Dependent
    This experience is weather dependent. Always contact the Experience provider with any questions regarding weather conditions.
    What To Wear
    Wear comfortable clothing suitable for hiking. No flip flops or sandals. Be sure to bring an extra pair of socks, comfortable shoes and clothes as you will get wet during the hike to the bridge and will want to change for the jump.
    Is this experience safe?
    Yes, this experience is safe! The company was founded in 1989 and is the oldest operating bungee jumping company in the United States. They are the only government certified bungee company in the state of California, they are also OSHA Certified. In 25 years, they have not experienced a single injury of any kind. Their technical knowledge is the best in the world and their safety record reflects that.
    Where do we meet?
    You will meet at the trailhead for the Bridge to Nowhere, also known as the East Fork Parking Lot, at your designated meeting time. This parking lot is located inside the Angeles National Forest, 30 minutes north of the city of Azusa, CA. Meeting address and directions are included with your confirmation at the time of reservation. Please note there is a $5 parking fee per vehicle.
    How long does it take?
    A day of bungee jumping is a full day adventure. You will meet the experience provider at the trailhead at your designated meeting time. You will then enjoy a beautiful 5-mile hike to the bridge, spend the afternoon bungee jumping, and return on the 5-mile hike back, arriving at your car just before dark.
    Is there a minimum or maximum weight limit?
    There is a 265 pound maximum weight limit. Jumpers above 265 pounds are allowed upon special arrangement. You must advise Cloud 9 Living at the time of booking. Additional fees will apply. There is an 80 lb minimum weight limit.
    Is there a minimum or maximum age limit?
    To begin your career as a bungee jumper you need to be at least 12 years of age and weigh at least 80 lbs. There is no maximum age limit. However, the hike to the Bridge to Nowhere is a rocky, rugged 10-mile (round trip) hike that crosses a river 12 times.
    Can two people jump together?
    Bungee jumping is highly regulated by the California State Government. For the safety of both jumpers, tandem jumping is prohibited in California to preventing 2 people from hitting their heads together.
    Can I bring my dog?
    Yes, but we have strict rules regarding dogs: * Dogs must be well socialized with both people and other dogs. Barking is not allowed on the trail. * Dogs must be excellent swimmers with swift water river experience. * Dogs must have backcountry experience - this is no place for "Fluffy". * All dogs are required by the Angeles National Forest Service to be kept on a leash. * Do not allow them to do their duty on or near the trail. * The hike is very rocky and usually takes a toll on your puppy's feet. If your dog is not an experienced hiker, their feet may become injured.
    If I bought multiple jumps will I jump consecutively?
    Yes, if you have multiple jumps, you will jump consecutively because you'll already be harnessed in.
    How difficult is the hike?
    The hike is mostly over a rocky, rugged dry river bed, and we cross the San Gabriel River 6 times each way. You should be prepared to get wet. There is only a 500 ft elevation gain between the East Fork Parking Lot and the Bridge to Nowhere. This hike is classified as a moderate hike in many Southern California backpacking guides. Hikers of all shapes, sizes and ages make it to the bridge every weekend. You DO NOT need to be an Olympic athlete but be aware it is 2 hours of brisk walking in each direction. If you have any doubts of your ability to make the hike we recommend the following: * Walk at a fast pace for 2 hours in soft beach sand, stop at a local restaurant and have lunch and take a rest for a few hours, then return on the beach at a fast pace. If you can accomplish this, you may very well be able to handle the hike to the Bridge to Nowhere.
    Can I bring my camera?
    You are welcome to bring your Go-Pro camera and appropriate mounts. Cameras may not be hand-held. The Jump Master has the final decision on whether you can jump with your camera. The experience provider is not responsible for property damage or personal injury as a result of jumping with you camera. Don't forget a protective/waterproof case, as you will be hiking 5 miles and crossing a river 6 times.
    Is lunch provided?
    Food will not be provided. You are required to bring whatever food/snacks you would like for the entire day. Remember you will be in the wilderness most of the day. Pack accordingly.
    What should I bring?
    There are no opportunities to purchase food or supplies once you begin the hike. Please bring everything you will want and need for the whole day. Important items to bring: *A backpack to carry everything, picnic lunch, snacks, and things to drink. No alcohol or glass containers are permitted. *Comfortable shoes for the hike that have good traction and that you can get wet, you will cross the San Gabriel River 6 times in each direction and we DO NOT stop to change our shoes. *Depending on the season you might want rain gear, a warm jacket, hats, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, dry socks and shoes, and always a change of clothes waiting for you in the car.
    What should I wear?
    For the hike: Dress in layers. Comfort is the key while at the bridge. If it is cold you'll want to be warm, if it is wet you'll want to be dry, if it is hot you'll want to be cool. Bring all the clothes you think you will need to accomplish this. Jeans and sandals are highly discouraged on the hike. Everyone will be crossing the San Gabriel River and getting their feet wet, so we recommend wearing shorts and running shoes or your favorite hiking shoes. Also bring dry clothes to wear once we arrive at the bridge. This will ensure that you and your feet enjoy the whole experience. For the jump: Thin, athletic clothing works great. Shoes or no shoes is your choice. For over 20 years all of the best photos have been taken of people wearing brightly colored clothing. Sorry, no capes or speedos allowed.
    Can I upgrade to more jumps when I get there?
    Yes, you can upgrade your jump package both prior to your hike to the bridge or once at the bridge itself. You will simply pay the difference in the package price. If purchasing at the bridge please bring cash and know that there is a $20 upgrade fee. Upgrades are allowed based on the availability of the day.
    Can I bring my friends with me if they don't want to jump?
    Friends and family are always welcome to join, however they must register online with the experience provider and pay a non-refundable $10 fee. The fee allows access to the facilities at the bridge as well as the guided hike. If spectators decide they'd like to jump while at the bridge the $10 fee will be applied towards their jump. If purchasing a jump at the bridge, please know that the jump must be paid for in cash and there is a $20 late registration fee.

    While the jumps are taking place spectators can watch from the bridge or hang out in the river below while catching some rays.
    Do they provide helmets

    Helmets are required by the state of California ever since 3 years ago and they do provide the helmets for you, some even with GoPro mounts on them (GoPro not included).

    Experience Vouchers that have not been redeemed can be returned hassle-free within 30 days.  All refunds will be made to the original purchaser.

    Experience Vouchers that have not been redeemed can be exchanged for anything else in our marketplace at any time.  If you choose to exchange for an experience that costs more, you'll simply have to pay the difference.  If you choose to exchange for an experience that costs less, you'll have a credit towards your next booking with Cloud 9 Living.

    Cancellation Policy

    Once you have scheduled a date and received a booking confirmation, cancellations are allowed up to 14 days prior to your booked date, however a $20 fee per person will apply. If you wish to reschedule for another date you may do so up to 72 hours prior to your booked date for a $20 per person fee. Failure to appear on your booked date, or to cancel or reschedule within the stated policy, will result in the loss of the value of your experience.

    Customer Reviews
    (50 reviews)
    View More Reviews:
    “What an amazing experience! If you're an adventure junkie, this is a must-do! It starts and ends with a beautiful hike. The river crossings were a new experience to me but very fun and refreshing, even in the chilling air. On to the main event - I did two jumps; one forward and one backward. I HIGHLY recommend everyone do at least two. The forward jump was terrifying and exciting all at once (mostly exciting); my favorite was the backward jump - indescribably fantastic! I never once questioned or feared for my safety. The jumpmasters kept us safe and maintained a fun and entertaining trip! If I could go every weekend, I very literally would!”
    Response from Cloud 9 Living
    What an awesome experience! Jumping backwards...WOW! Not many people can say they have done that and had such an incredible time. Thanks so much for sharing your incredible experience with us! I'll let the jumpmasters know who to contact if they need extra help ;) Enjoy your day!  Best, ​Brooke
    “My daughter and I had a great time and friendly guides!!!”
    Response from Cloud 9 Living
    I'm so glad the gift was a hit! What a memorable experience for you all to share.  I'll be sure to let your guides know you all had an awesome time as well. Thanks for sharing with us. Have a fantastic week!  Best, Brooke
    “I loved this experience since it was my first time hiking and jumping. I went with a small group of jumpers and we all had to follow the bungee jumper leaders to guide us to the bridge. I , myself, need to be more prepared because i wasn't haha i got my pants and shoes wet from hiking jaja. When we arrived at the bridge i felt super scared when i saw how high and dangerous i was. But i did it! Bungee jump off of a bridge 5 TIMES... EASY SAID THAN DONE!!!”
    Response from Cloud 9 Living
    Congratulations, you did it! How exciting! Sounds like a big day of firsts, but now that you have 5 jumps in, you have to be almost a pro :) Thanks for sharing with us and keep on adventuring!  Best, Brooke
    “It was AMAZING! Bungee Jump America and their crew made it enjoyable and memorable!”
    Response from Cloud 9 Living
    You're AMAZING! I'm so glad you had an incredible time with Bungee America. Thanks for your review. Best, Brooke
    “Wonderful experience. Great crew.”
    “The guys on the tour were amazing. From the start of the hike, to the moment you take the leap of faith, they were great at making you feel at ease. An incredible experience that I won’t forget!”
    “Great Experience. Go conquer your fear and jump!”
    “Everything is fine but I expected the bridge to be higher, jump is very short. Especially after you walk for two hours to the venue and two hours back”
    “We had an amazing time! This was a full adventure day. The hike was beautiful and the bungee jumping was insane. I bought an extra jump when I was there to nail the front flip. So much fun!!”
    Response from Cloud 9 Living
    Hey Jacqueline, Sounds like you had a thrilling experience! Thanks for writing in and sharing with us. Did you nail the front flip? That is so awesome!  Let me know when you're ready to bungee jump again. Have a great week!  Best, ​Brooke
    “The instructors were the BEST. It was a great experience. Loved it and would recommend it to anyone who loves a good thrill!!!”
    “Super awesome!!!! Staff was super friendly and very confident in their jobs!! ”
    “Wait time to bungee jump was excessive (4 hours). Should allow for 1st come, 1st serve after hiking to the bridge. This would reduce wait time and streamline the process. ”
    “Hike path has no clear signs. Took way longer then we anticipated. Bungee crew was fantastic!! ”
    “The only thing I would suggest is to check the weather before booking a date. We did not and had to hike the 5 miles back in a hail storm. Other than that, the jump was completely amazing and I would 100% recommend that you have this experience!”
    “We had an incredible adventure and felt safe the entire time!”
    “I had an amazing time. The hike was just beautiful with the mountains. The bungee jump almost didn't happen because I was scared but the staff did a great job, and I finally relaxed and did it. It was one of the best experiences I've ever had.”
    “The hike was beautiful and the jump was amazing. Can't wait to go again.”
    “The guides were right on time and were very friendly. They lead us through the lovely five mile hike and to the bridge. Once we got to the bridge, we met up with Chris. Chris was freaking awesome. He had loads of energy and really got us all pumped and excited about what we were about to do. Together, the 3 guides cranked out the jumps. It was fast, efficient and safe. Everyone had a ball. It was one of those once in a lifetime experiences that no one will forget. That had a lot to do with the energy and support of the guides. They were so freaking cool. Then we got to hike back on our own. With the jump behind us now, we were able to truly enjoy the hike. We stopped off frequently to savor the views and the adrenaline of jumping off a bridge. All and all, it was a day that I will never forget and would love to be a part of again. Chris, Nicole and Abraham made the experience what it was. They are AMAZING!!!”
    “We had a great time! :) Thank you!”
    “What an amazing experience!! The hike was BEAUTIFUL, the guides were so friendly and their sense of humor really helped take the edge off the situation. It was my first time going , and of course I Googled bungee accidents; the overview of the safety guidelines and the construction of the bungee ropes along with the bridge and wire itself took away 99% of the fear I had going into this experience. Cloud 9 Living does not set you up for failure. Thank you Cloud 9 Living for helping make such an amazing lifetime experience that much more memorable! Clarisse Paul (24, Redlands, CA) Also-I don't know how much the guides are making, but it is NOT enough!! They were AMAZING!! I wish I could thank them personally, again. ”
    “Awesome day . Will recommend to friends”
    “Extremely satisfied. I can't wait to do it again.”
    “Probably hands down one of the best things I have ever done in my life. Highly recommended. The hike was awesome, the instructors were really friendly and hilarious, everything was awesome! Nothing to complain about.”
    “I am 64 and ur booker knew that. When I asked about the severity of the hike, she said it was easy! NOT TRUE. The hike turned out to be xtremely hard, especially when the guide left us behind to find our way on our own. That proves to make the hike more treachureous. We got lost a number of times and I ended up in the water a number of times. Thank GOD my friend was with me! I think when you are booking this jump, you should warn the person involved of the severity of the hike. U knew my age, but was told she found the hike very easy. The jump itself was fabulous, but the hike ruined everything! Shelley Fowler ”
    “What an amazing way to celebrate my 25th birthday! The instructors were hilarious and energetic, the hike was easy and the bungee jumping was something my friends and I will never forget!”
    “Such a great experience! Make sure to pack food, water, bathing suit, and closed toe hiking sandals:)”
    “Great overall experience. From booking to jumping. My daughter and I had a great father/ daughter time ! Thanks”
    “Easy to book and had a wonderful time!!!”
    “It was the best experience of my life I loved it ...”
    “Thank You, Best Experience at Any Price”
    “Everything was absolutely amazing. Only suggestion would be to not let individuals hike back alone without a guide. Many of these people are inexperienced hikers and became lost very easily on the trail. ”
    “Once in a lifetime feeling. Nothing compares to the jump. The staff was excellent and made the experience unimaginable”
    “The Bridge To Nowhere bungee experience was incredible! Booking the trip was extremely easy. The hike was beautiful and so much fun and the bungee jumping was crazy fun! A lot of credit needs to be given to the instructors for such a great experience! Aaron, Chris, and Bryce were outgoing and friendly, super funny and definitely put you at ease! I had a great time and would recommend this experience to anyone!”
    “Great and fun hike and a jump filled with excitement and nervousness. The whole explanation of how the system works, made me feel safe about making the right choice.. The only dab with the complete experience was, being told that I would be number 24 for jump and then just because i had nature call that needed to be attended before the jump, we got yelled at because they had to wait a few minutes for us, as they were trying to get done with the people below a certain weight limit.. ”
    “The bungee jump allowed me to conquer a fear of heights, a fear of the unknown, and a fear of commitment, simultaneously. For me, all three of those were combined into a single moment. It was extremely difficult to take the leap, but I did it! Now I feel more confident in overcoming similar challenges, and I look forward to more events like this in the future.”
    “The people at Bungee America are exceptional. They not only gave us an unforgettable experience at the Bridge to Nowhere, but a handful of the employees helped rescue my brother when he broke his ankle swimming. After a long hot day of hiking and bungee jumping, they carried my brother several miles through rocky terrain so he could get to a hospital. It was an exhausting trip that would have been impossible without such caring and strong people. I would most definitely recommend Bungee America to anyone.”
    “Everything about the experience, from booking to bungee was absolutely stellar!”
    “It was amazing,had so much fun.Will most definitely do it again.”
    “Bungee Jumping was the most incredible experience! I did a total of 4 jumps and wished I could have done more. I would tell anyone who is thinking of doing it, just do it! The staff was amazing and the hike to the bridge to nowhere was awesome!”
    “It was amazing. I am so glad we did it! Can't wait to do it again!”
    “Most amazing experience ever! I went Sky diving and 2 weeks later went bungee jumping! I had a blast every second of the adventure, even the waiting around part. I recommend this to every one. such an incredible feeling to be so free. I can't wait to do it again and again. ”
    “Had a great time! It was worth every penny! I loved the hike that we had upon reaching the bungee destination and how we were hip-deep in water at some times. It was a memorable experience and I will definitely do it again!”
    “I loved jumping off that bridge! It was an amazing day, and the instructors were awesome. We're already planning our next trip to the Bridge to Nowhere!”
    “Guess who volunteered to get strapped first during demonstration and the 2nd girl to jump off!? Oh yes that would be me--coming from someone who is terrified of heights and it was my first jump! THANK YOU for a wonderful experience!”
    “Awesome experience! Would do it again.”
    “Fantastic, what an experience!”
    “Cloud nine was transparent. When I called them I was quickly taken care of and very happy with their service. They keep you informed the whole way and make sure to follow up and that you have everything you need. Will definately use cloud 9 again”
    “Bungee America was great! The hike was beautiful, my husband and I enjoyed it so much. Once we got to the bridge, the staff was funny, entertaining, but thorough in their explanation of safety and how to have the best experience. They made sure you understood why the activity was safe and how to get the best pictures and have the best experience. Would definitely recommend others to go!”
    “This was the most horrible experience. There were no instructors to guide us during the hike and we ended up losing ourselves in the forest.There was no mention about this strenuous hike or the fact that this is a forest area and the bridge is privately owned. We were in the middle of the illegal gold miners who looked so dangerous and my wife & I felt really unsafe in this location. In all the chaos, trying to get out of the forest by sunset, we ended up losing our valuable personal belongings and this is the most horrible experience ever. We are lodging a police complaint, spreading the word on social media about Cloud9 living and Bunjee America and will seek legal counsel too. Don't deceive people by all your fake campaign and you are ending up screwing up people's lives by taking us to these dangerous jungles. ”

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