Flying Experiences Near Los Angeles

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Spread your wings over the City of Angels with Cloud 9 Living's Los Angeles flying experiences!

Aviation dreams easily become a brilliant reality with memory-making experiences in LA like flying lessons, aerial tours, scenic rides, and heart-pounding air-ventures!

Become the envy of all your sky-hungry friends with pilot lessons that put you in control of an aircraft! Learn how to fly an airplane as you soar above famed landmarks such as Los Angeles Harbor, the Queen Mary, Universal Studios, Playboy Mansion, the Hollywood sign, Santa Monica Pier, and so much more. Or climb into the cockpit for a flight lesson in a helicopter, gliding over the Redondo Beach shoreline or Palm Desert. Prefer to keep both feet planted firmly on the ground? Don't miss LA's Boeing Flight Simulator experience!

For unforgettable sightseeing, check out Los Angeles flying experiences featuring biplanes. Hold on to your hats aboard an aerobatic thrill ride in a Pitts S-2C, spinning and looping well above the highways. Or switch the tempo up a bit to enjoy nice, leisurely air tours that boast biplane rides to downtown LA, Malibu and Hollywood, or Long Beach.

And the scenic excursions don't stop there! Admire the beauty below on peaceful outings like glider outings, hang gliding flying lessons, and Santa Barbara hot air balloon rides. Or see California's famed, starry lights in a whole new way — on an Evening Hollywood Helicopter Tour, soaring over the city's iconic sign, Rodeo Drive, downtown, Paramount Studios and more.

Have a hankering for some head-to-head air combat? Channel your inner Topgun talents with flying experiences that tap into some friendly competition. A military flight simulator is the perfect way to get the feet wet with a fighter pilot mission. Want real aerial dogfights, laser ammo, intense G-force, and authentic combat jets? Try your hand at being a Fighter Pilot For A Day in LA!

With Los Angeles flying experiences like these to choose from, it's easy to find things to do in LA that take you from the hangar to sky-high!