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Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

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Even with its many carols about Jack Frost and letting it snow, December is one of the coziest times of the year. And it comes decked with cute things to do with your boyfriend for Christmas! So whether you're on the prowl for fun holiday date ideas, or are trying pin down the best Christmas traditions for you and your beau to share — this is a downright festive place to start!

Check out these activities that also double as great Christmas gifts for couples to share in, perfect for enjoying some quality time together and celebrating the many reasons that make the season so memorable.

12 Best Things to Do With Your Boyfriend at Christmas

1. Shop for friends and family.
This Christmas activity for couples is a great ice-breaker for the "first holiday together" pair, assuming you have more than just a couple months under your belt. It's always nice to brave the madness of the mall with someone else, particularly if that someone is a special one. Of course, if you both prefer to avoid venturing out, then cozying up on the couch to order the best online gift certificates together is a great alternative. And while you're at it, don't forget about scoping out top Christmas gifts for couples — that you two can enjoy together!

2. Spread Christmas cheer to a charity.
One of the cutest things to do with your boyfriend for Christmas is helping those in need. Not to mention, giving of your resources together –whether its time or finances– is a great relationship- and character-building Christmas activity for couples. So sign up to lend a helping hand somewhere, organize a food drive, "Christmas shop" to fill pantry shelves or closets instead of stockings, or cut a check together to make spirits bright for someone.

3. Deck the halls together.
As far as Christmas date ideas, this one takes the cake. Or maybe it's the cookies, in this case? Regardless, decorating for the holidays, baking treats, and doing a lil' tree trimming together is an adorable way to share conversation about traditions with each other, as well as have some fun and perhaps sip a bit of eggnog in the process.

4. Build gingerbread houses with young'ns.
The best Christmas traditions for couples are those that also involve family. If one or both of you have munchkins of your own, or nieces and nephews living nearby, rope 'em into some festive activities. Nothing does it better or more magically for kiddos than building gingerbread houses as the sounds of Christmas carols induce vibrant group sing-alongs!

5. Check out local Christmas events.
On any list of cute things to do with your boyfriend for Christmas, this one makes it to the tip-top! There is certainly no shortage of romantic holiday date ideas and Christmas activities for couples in every town, city and village around the country. So enlighten the carolers, delight in the lights, stock up on stocking stuffers, cheers over eggnog, and so much more!

6. Check out not-so-local Christmas happenings!
If you've never experienced Christmas activities for couples in New York, LA, Boston, Chicago and other grand cities in the US of A that go all-out... now's your chance! Hop on a plane or fire up the roadtrip directions, and be on your merry way to make lots of festive memories together. 

7. Take in a symphonic Christmas show.
Nothing will get couples in the mood (the holiday mood, that is) quite like a full-blown set of talented musicians putting their all into performing favorite Christmas carols! So buy some tickets, perhaps grab a beverage beforehand, and tap a foot (or two!) to the sounds of the season for one of the best Christmas date nights to ever exist!

8. Sip holiday spirits.
Treat yourselves to seasonal-release ales and other adult beverage fare. Whether it's on a formal booze, beer or wine tour in the area, or your own repertoire of venues (with or without holiday flare or festive costumes involved… just sayin') — this is sure to be one of the most fun things to do with your boyfriend for Christmas to make merry and make memories together.

9. Throw a cool yule party.
Looking for holiday date ideas that go beyond yourselves? Tag-team a spirited shindig that extends the invitation to friends and family! Christmas is the perfect time to bring people together. So mix up some eggnog, put some fun apps together, and enjoy being the hosts with the most for a festive evening.

10. Crafty Christmas ideas for couples!
Holiday season have you feeling artsy? Go with it! One of the best Christmas gifts for couples is the chance to embark on creative endeavors together. So why not make DIY presents for each other, to put under the tree? Or do it as a joint-effort, especially if this is your first Christmas together. Scope out cool options that may be available in your city like painting pottery, private glassblowing classes, woodworking and more.

11. Holiday movie marathon.
Perhaps ranking #1 as cute things to do with your boyfriend for Christmas is an old-school movie marathon. Not only is it entertaining, but it also serves as a wonderful window to childhood. And a fun excuse to enjoy some vino and popcorn together as adults.

12. Partake in outdoor winter fun!
For most parts of the country (and as most carols imply), folks are dreaming of a white Christmas. If you're lucky enough to land one, make the most of it! Whether it's on December 25th or around it, there's no better time for couples to enjoy fun-loving holiday date ideas during the snowy season like sledding, ice skating, sleigh rides, and more. 

Cloud 9 Living has the best Christmas gifts for boyfriends, guaranteed to make this most wonderful time of the year the holliest, jolliest and most memorable yet!

Give your guy a real reason to rock around the Christmas tree! Send him soaring into reindeer territory with a flying experience! Stuff the stocking that's hung by the chimney with care full of adrenaline with a driving gift for him. If milk and cookies just won't cut it for your favorite fella, check out our array of food tours and urban excursions!

On the hunt for a gift that's far too exciting for any box? Your search is over— our extensive collection of adventurous outings will get his heart racing simply out of eager anticipation of his big day! Got a golfer on your hands? Swap those snowballs for golf balls— gift him with the ultimate golf experience, like a lesson with a PGA Pro!

And if you're wondering what to get a guy for Christmas, who seems to have or done it all... wonder no more! With a Cloud 9 Living Gift Certificate, he can unwrap a perfectly unique present, while choosing his favorite way to make Christmas oh-so merry!

With air-mazing Christmas gifts for boyfriends from Cloud 9 Living, Santa won't be the only dude soaring through the skies this holiday season!

Dash him through the skies on a scenic plane or helicopter tour over his favorite city or landscape. And if he's up for something a bit more hands-on, treat him to Learn to Fly excursion that lets him be the pilot!

Does he want to defy some gravity in the air up there? Have him unwrap the exhilarating magic of a fighter pilot mission or aerobatic biplane thrill ride! And if he wants to challenge that gravity a bit more 'naturally,' gift ideas for him like hang gliding, skydiving, or paragliding will sure make it tough for him to hide his sheer joy from the world!

Give Santa and his sleigh a run for that big bag of goodies this year— the sky's the limit when it comes to flight-tastic Christmas gifts for boyfriends!

Santa shouldn't be the only merry gentleman snacking on tasty treats this season. So Cloud 9 Living offers Christmas gifts for boyfriends full of festive, "bon appetit" wishes!

Stuff his stocking (and his stomach) with fascinating food tours, featuring the likes of artisanal cheese, wine, desserts, chocolates, BBQ, coveted local dives, renowned foodie fare, and many more mouth-watering topics— available in most major metropolitan areas of the U.S.!

And for the dude who deserves a great date night, nothing beats a cruise— complete with breathtaking shoreline scenery, delicious dining, entertainment, dancing, and upgrade options like First-Class and Romance Packages!

Does he dream of being king of the kitchen? Treat him to classes like sushi rolling, chocolate making, wok sizzling, cocktail mixing, or even a private lesson with a professional chef!

GO-ho-ho for Christmas gift ideas for boyfriends that let him eat, drink, and unwrap a whole lot of merry this year!

Cloud 9 Living has the best Christmas gifts for boyfriends, full of adventures ranging from nautical to nice-n-easy.

Your boyfriend's made his bucket list — have you checked it, twice? Because it's time to make a move on those big dreams of his! If all he wants for Christmas is a fast car and freedom, give him just that — with Cloud 9 Living's Christmas gifts for boyfriends that deck the walls with horsepower-packed memories!

This ain't no sleigh ride! Invite your guy to get into a stock, exotic, Indy, Formula 2000 or dragster car — as a passenger or a driver (or both). Nothing will compare to the excited anticipation pulsing through his veins as the engine roars to life, the car eager to unleash its fast-paced passion on the very same track raced by the professional circuits!

Is he dreaming of a 2-wheeled Christmas, instead? Hook him up with a Harley rental, featuring various bike models and rental locations throughout the U.S. And if visions of dirt bike excursions are dancing through his head— Cloud 9 Living has Christmas gifts for him that can make that holiday ho-ho-hope come true, too!

Get your guy's handsome heart racing with aquatic excursions like surfing, snorkeling, whale-watching, kayaking, scuba diving, and sportfishing!

Make this season even brighter for your land-loving adventurer with exhilarating gifts for him like cave spelunking, hiking, rock climbing, and snowmobiling! Or head him straight for high-flying adventures like skydiving, bungee jumping, hang gliding, and flying jetpacks.

And if your fellow is one to prefer the relaxing ambiance of peace on earth and the goodwill of mulligans, Cloud 9 Living can get him teed up in no time with a golf gift that gives him all the fairway thrills he needs. With bucket-list worthy Christmas gifts for boyfriends like these, even the big guy in red will be green with good-natured envy.