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NASCAR Driving Experience

Texas Motor Speedway

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Item #: DRI-DAL-0017
Put on your helmet, buckle up, and put the pedal to the metal! It's time for the drive of a lifetime! Experience the excitement of being behind the wheel of a Sprint Cup style NASCAR stock car at the Texas Motor Speedway!
  • Take control of a full-size Sprint Cup stock car- the same ones driven by NASCAR superstars such as Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  • Choose from several options, ranging from 8-23 minutes of racing (don't worry, even 9 minutes is a long time at 150+ MPH!)
  • No lead car, no pace care, and passing is allowed
  • Receive a graduate certificate printed with your top speed and a souvenir Racing License

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Put on your helmet, buckle up, and put the pedal to the metal! It's time for the drive of a lifetime! Experience the excitement of being behind the wheel of a Sprint Cup style NASCAR stock car at the Texas Motor Speedway!
  • Take control of a full-size Sprint Cup stock car- the same ones driven by NASCAR superstars such as Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  • Choose from several options, ranging from 8-23 minutes of racing (don't worry, even 9 minutes is a long time at 150+ MPH!)
  • No lead car, no pace care, and passing is allowed
  • Receive a graduate certificate printed with your top speed and a souvenir Racing License
Texas Motor Speedway - Forth Worth, TX

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    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive a real Sprint Cup NASCAR stock car? Experience the adrenaline rush as you race around at top speeds in the Drive a NASCAR experience at the Texas Motor Speedway!

    After a short classroom session where you'll learn about vehicle dynamics, racing lines, and safety instructions, you'll head out to the track to find your 600 horsepower Sprint Cup stock car waiting.

    A crew member buckles you in, checks you radio, and then it's time to start your engine! You'll hear the V8 roar as you hit speeds as fast as 150 MPH!

    You can choose from a variety of timing options, but don't be surprised if you leave wanting more!

    Add a Ride Along
    Select an option that includes a 3 Lap Ride Along and let a professional driver show you the full potential of these amazing racecars as he takes you on the ride of your life! The perfect addition for any driving package!

    About the Texas Motor Speedway
    This 1.5-mile, quad-oval track was once considered the fastest non-restrictor plate track on the NASCAR circuit. Wth 24-degree turns and 5-degree straightaways, this speedway provides the perfect thrill for all racing fans! Get out here and drive this track for yourself!

    Essential Information
    • Participants must be a minimum of 5'0'' and 100 pounds in order to participate, and a maximum of 6'7" and 280 pounds
    • Participants must be in good overall physical condition
    • A valid driver's license is required
    • Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent of legal guardian who must sign a consent form
    • Vehicles are manual transmission (stick shift), however the crew is happy to assist you if you need a little help
    • Pricing includes a $35 drivers fee that covers accidental insurance coverage, souvenir racing license and ear buds
    • Feel free to bring snacks and non-alcoholic beverages
    • Some seating is provided, however, it is recommended to bring lawn chairs to guarantee a seat for any spectators
    Plan on being at the track for approximately 3 hours.
    Experience Provider Info
    Complete information for your Experience Provider, including contact information, will be included on your booking confirmation email once you or your gift recipient have scheduled the experience. Our Product Management team handpicks top-rated experience providers, removing the guesswork for you and ensuring your peace of mind.
    Maximum Participants
    1 driver per car with 3-4 cars on track at a time.
    Participants are encouraged to bring family and friends to watch, don't forget the cameras!
    Weather Dependent
    This experience is weather dependent. In the event of a cancellation due to inclement weather, you may either reschedule for another available date or be issued a gift card that you can use to reschedule at your convenience. A refund will not be issued due to rain-outs.
    What To Wear
    Participants should wear comfortable/casual clothes depending on the weather conditions as your clothing will be worn under a driving suit. Drivers must wear closed-toe shoes, tennis shoes are recommended.
    Booking Information
    For this experience, we recommend booking at least 30 days in advance.
    Cancellation Policy
    Once you have scheduled a date and received a booking confirmation, no refunds or exchanges are allowed. No cancellations are allowed, but if you need to reschedule, you have up until 30 days prior to your reservation to make changes for a $50 administrative fee. Once you are within 30 days of the event, you are then locked in to that date and time and no changes can be made.
    What is the age requirement?
    Participants must have a valid drivers license and participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who must sign a written consent form.
    Are there any physical requirements or restrictions?
    Participants must be a minimum of 5'0'' tall and 100 pounds in order to participate and no taller than 6'7" or 280 pounds. Drivers must also be in good overall physical condition and will be required to climb through a 15'' x 30'' window, that sits about 36'' off the ground (with minimal assistance).
    Do I have to know how to drive a stick shift?
    Yes, the cars you will be driving have a 4-speed racing transmission. However, if you need a little help getting going the professionals at the track will be glad to assist you.
    Do I need a driver's license?
    Yes, driving participants must have a valid (legal and not expired), government-issued driver's license (from any country).
    Do I need to bring my own racing gear?
    No, the racing school will provide you with racing gear, including a driving suit and helmet. If you have your own gear that you would like to use, you are welcome to bring it for possible use, but it will be subject to inspection and approval for use by the Track Operator. Gear will be available for you at the track, should you not be approved to use your own.
    Can I choose which racecar I drive?
    No, unfortunately the racing school cannot guarantee which exact cars will be at the track on a given date, nor can they promise the specific car a participant will be assigned to for his/her drive. Each participant is assigned to a car with careful consideration, based on individual height and weight.
    What happens if I wreck the car?
    The price includes a $35 fee for racing license and liability insurance. This releases you from all vehicle damage.
    Is passing allowed?
    Yes, if you come up on a slower race car, track personnel will assist you around the slower portion(s) of the group, using techniques and instructions covered in your pre-drive orientation session.
    What does the typical day look like?
    Following a 1-hour pre-drive orientation/training session with the racing school's Crew Chief and professional instructors, you'll drive a real Sprint Cup style stock car on a speedway for a timed session. Total drive-time will depend on the program purchased. For this experience, there is no lead car utilized and and no instructor in the car with you! You will have constant, 2-way communication with a professional racing instructor through a state-of-the-art, in-car racing electronics radio system. Upon completion, you'll receive a full-color, Graduate Certificate with your top speed proudly displayed on it.
    What is the policy on rain-outs?
    If your experience is canceled due to inclement weather, the driving school will contact you and either immediately reschedule you for another available date, or issue you a gift card valid for 1 year. A refund will not be issued due to rain-outs.
    This experience has a customer rating of 5
    based on 24 reviews.
    View More Reviews:
    The entire experience was absolutely wonderful!! We loved the fact the experience gift certificate never expired and we were able to schedule the event at our own leisure. And we had THE BEST time at the actual event through the Texas Motor Speedway! The staff was AMAZING and made sure we had fun from the moment we arrived and all throughout the day! Even though we know they do this for a ton of people they took the time to make sure each and every person got the attention and information needed to have fun all while ensuring the safety of all guests! They even took time out to chat and have actual conversations with the people participating in the event and the guests who came to watch! Plenty of photo opportunities and packages/memorabilia available. We will definitely do this experience again!!!!!
    Response from Cloud 9 Living
    Wade,  Wow! Although we've always been proud to work with our partner, this is so refreshing to hear! I shared your kind words with the staff and they were so happy to hear from you and about your wonderful experience. It's easy to work with such great customers such as yourself! Thank you so much for sharing, and making everyone's day! We cannot wait to hear about next time! Cheers,  Kasia
    A dream come true! Only hiccup was that I had a 16 minute Experience and i was brought to the pits in 8 minutes, after clarification i was able to return to the track for the final 8 minutes. Would have liked to stay on the track the entire 16 minutes. Overall, it exceeded my expectations!
    Response from Cloud 9 Living
    Hi Callen,  We love that another dream came true! We apologize for that hiccup; despite being brought back into the pit - it sounds like you had double the fun!  Thank you so much for sharing,  Kasia 
    Wonderful! This was an anniversary gift and me and my spouse came in for the weekend. All of the staff throughout the experience were friendly and helpful. Everyone went out of their way to give us the best care. The class time was very informative. My spouse had the ride along prior to the drive. It gave a lot of insight about the track. The driving experience was fun! My car wouldn't tolerate acceleration to 5000rpms without sputtering, but once I realized I could consistently stay at 4800rpms, it ran great! Wish we would've understood that rev limiters could be increased after each 8 minute lap time...as we would have purchased multiple groups of 8minutes to be able to increase my top speed. Only thing I would ask is that signage would more clearly show us where we needed to be on arrival to track.
    Response from Cloud 9 Living
    Hi Jennifer, Thank you for your feedback. I enjoyed reading your review as you really painted a beautiful picture. First, I’d like to say Happy Anniversary! I’m glad we were able to be a part of the special day and that you and Kevin had so much fun together. What an experience! I’m happy that he was also to experience the ride along as well. It’s amazing how much more you get out of the drive after! Thank you for the information about the rev limiters and signage. I’ll bring that up to the racing school to see if that’s something that could be included in the class beforehand. I am hoping that the lack of signage did not make the two of you late to your event. Let us know when it’s that time of year again next year and we can make the anniversary even better! Cheers, Val
    I never saw myself driving a race car... What a blast! I thoroughly enjoyed going 150+ mph at TMS. Pluses: driving through the turns at 5000 rpm, getting the ok to make a pass on another driver, everyone I dealt with was super nice and helpful, cool plaque with picture, nice video of track and driver to remember the experience! Minuses: getting into and out of #69
    Response from Cloud 9 Living
    Hi John, This sounds like such a great experience! You've really painted a beautiful picture. I really hope this created a newfound passion for you! That's so cool to read that you were able to hit a speed over over 150 MPH and pass another driver. I'm sure you felt like a real NASCAR racer! NASCAR Racing Experience truly is an amazing team to work with. I'll be sure to let them know how much a fantastic time you had! It can be a bit tricky to get in the vehicles, especially since you have to climb through the window. Hopefully you didn't have to terribly hard of a time! Let us know when you're ready for another race! Cheers, Val
    I drove a NASCAR race car. It was an unbelievable experience and I am not a big NASCAR fan. Doing this made me appreciate how tough it must be driving one of these cars professionally, every weekend and in over 100 degree heat. It was 80 degrees this day and I only drove a few laps. I can't imagine doing this for 500 miles. Thank you for the experience.
    My husband can't stop talking about this experience! I think I've created a monster!! This was a surprise 60th birthday gift and he said it was the best gift ever!! Thanks so very much for giving him an awesome experience!!!
    I'm completely satisfied.3 days after the experience and I'm still thinking about it with a huge smile on my face. What an exhilarating experience. 10 out of 10.
    My wife bought me this for my 50th birthday, and we went this past weekend. It was the most awesome thing I have ever done. Everyone that we came in contact with was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I had 2 - 8 min sessions and wish I had more. I will come back and do it again. Thank you, guys.
    NASCAR Experience was fantastic. I highly recommend it to everyone. Entire staff was professional and friendly.
    Bob Lutz and the team were professional and friendly. Knowing that most in the group had not driven a stock car before, their instructions were meaningful. The focus on safety was reassuring and assured all had a great time. I also had the 3-lap ride along. A suggestion: it was helpful in sensing the track and the turns. I would have like to have had the 3 laps with me driving and the professional driver in the ride along seat instructing before my solo drive. Great experience and I will do it again, but for more than one 8-minute session. At the end of the session I felt I could improve if there had been additional sessions.
    The NASCAR driving experience was the best. The team at Texas Motor Speedway was professional at its best. The family and I had the most fun. Looking forward to doing it again.
    Very well done, the thoroughness of the instructions and emphases on safety was second to none.
    Awesome! Have to do it again! Most fun I've had in a long time.
    It was truly a pleasure dealing with Cloud 9 Living and the experience is one I will never forget! Thank you for a life time experience.
    My experience of driving a stock car was VERY enjoyable and I've been recommending it to everyone already! The instructor staff handling the details were very helpful and thorough, emphasizing safety in all matters. I payed very close attention to all of the instructions given and repeated, then followed closely during my driving experience. It was my confidence in the instructors and doing what they said that allowed me to have the best possible time driving the stock car. It was totally enjoyable and I was able to drive well enough to join the 150+ Club by driving 157.23 mph!! That was SO fantastic!! I thank you and the driving experience staff for enabling me to have such a terrific experience doing something I could only dream about before. I definitely have a new respect for the professional drivers that race week after week for hours at a time, and can watch the races with inside knowledge of what goes on at the track. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
    This was the most exciting thing I've ever experienced. Words can't express how much fun I had!!! So glad my wife found your website!!
    I enthusiastically recommend this experience to all automotive racing fans. I started dirt track racing back in 1981 through 1986. I ended my racing dream as I started a career in law enforcement. I had not been in a race car in twenty five years. Driving a NASCAR was a life time dream of mine and a wonderful gift from my lovely wife. My father who was in my pit crew in the 80's was able to attend and share this wonderful trip down memory lane. I would love to do it again. A job well done by all who made the experience a tremendous one and a lasting memory. Thank you, Orlando Sanchez
    Truly a once in a lifetime experience. I had a great time with the only problem being that I wish the experience was much longer, maybe even daily.
    This was a boyhood dream that came to reality after 45 years. Had the best time. The staff at the track was great in all aspects. It was impressive to have equipment that was as real as it gets and not some look-a-like at least from my perspective. I was very glad to have upgraded to 16 minutes. It takes me a little time to get the feel and in the first 8 minutes I finally got somewhat comfortable by the last lap. When the second 8 minutes got started I was ready and felt I made the most of it. There was only one item that did not make the 100% satisfaction rate. Upon baording the car I asked if I would stay out for the whole 16 minutes. No one on pit row had the info that I upgraded to 16 minutes. The staff offered sugestions to accomodate but after the second 8 minutes they had found the upgrade.
    This was the biggest rush I have ever had! The whole experience was one of a kind and the most fun my boyfriend and I have ever had. The staff was extremely helpful in making me feel safe and confident and Cloud 9 was great in setting it up.
    This was one of the best Father's Day gifts I have ever received! I will never forget it and can't wait to go even faster next time.
    Fantastic! Everyone was beyond helpful and supportive and made the experience a great one. The check in staff were efficient. The class instructor was right on.. he told you exactly what to know and expect. The pit crew was excellent. They seemed to be as excited for you as you were for yourself. Very helpful group. It was a hot day but they never faltered on their helpfulness. Will recommend the experience highly. Thank you all.... especially my wife for buying me the experience.
    Awesome for me and my family. Everyone got to be right there to see and take pictures and video.


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