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Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride

From: $220
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Up for some thrills? Come experience the ultimate in airborne excitement when you climb aboard this 2001 Pitts aerobatic biplane for the roller coaster ride of a lifetime.
  • Highly experienced pilot with over 20 years of flying experience
  • 2001 Pitts S2C fully aerobatic plane
  • Barrel rolls, loops, inverted flying, vertical spins, tailslides, gyroscopic tumbles and more!
  • A hard-charging, fun filled aerial adventure you will never forget
Location & Availability
Indianapolis Regional Airport; Greenfield, IN

May through Early-November:
Select Sundays
*Pending pilot availability

The chocks are away, you can hear that huge radial engine roar, and you are rolling down the runway to live the sights, sounds and smells of a once-in-a-lifetime aviation experience!

Choose the basic thrill ride or the extreme thrill ride, if you like an little extra excitement.

The basic ride will have your pilot performing general barnstormer type maneuvers that include things like barrel rolls, loops, and experiencing flying upside down. You choose the maneuvers and the order we fly them.

Remember, you are the Pilot-in-Command for this adventure. For the person who wants to get the heart pumping, without being upside down in the air for too long, the basic ride is the perfect option for you.

If high-speed, high-Gs, and fast turns are what you crave, the extreme ride is exactly what you been looking for. Some of these maneuvers include things like vertical spins, tailslides, and gyroscopic tumbles. And to think you still get to make all the choices. Think you can handle it?

No matter which flight you choose, when it is over, you won't be able to get the grin off your face, we promise.

Essential Information
  • Participants must be at least 13 years of age
  • Participants must weigh no more than 260 pounds
  • This experience is not recommended for pregnant women or anyone with heart problems
Plan for 1.5 hours with approximately 20 minutes of flight time.
Maximum Participants
1 per plane
Allowed, you can watch the plane take off and land.
Weather Dependent
This experience is weather dependent. Always contact the experience provider with any questions regarding weather conditions.
What To Wear
Wear comfortable clothing appropriate for weather conditions
Booking Information
For this experience, it is recommended to request bookings at least 3 weeks in advance. The pilots schedule does fluctuate, but he usually blocks off at least 2 or 3 weekend dates per month for these flights.
Cancellation Policy
Prior to scheduling/booking a date for this experience, Cloud 9's standard return and exchange policy shall apply. Once you have scheduled a date and received a booking confirmation, no refunds will be given. Rescheduling is allowed up to 14 days prior to your experience, failure to appear on your booked date or to reschedule at least 14 days prior to your booked date will result in the loss of the value of your experience. In the event your experience is canceled due to inclement weather you will reschedule your experience directly with your experience provider.
Experience ID
What is included in the Basic Thrill Ride?
The Basic thrill ride includes maneuvers like barrel rolls, loops, and experiencing flying upside down.  You choose the maneuvers and the order they are flown in. 
What is included in the Extreme Thrill Ride?
If high speed, high G's and fast turns are what you crave, this is exactly what you've been looking for.  Some of these maneuvers include things like vertical spins, tailslides, and gyroscopic tumbles. 
View More Reviews:
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Jul 06, 2017 Indianapolis By: April S
Truly, truly amazing pilot and amazing experience overall. Billy Werth was a crazy pilot that aimed to please! Thank you for everything! Next time we fly, we are flying with you again!
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Sep 30, 2016 Indianapolis By: Aynsley N
First, I love roller coasters but was nervous about doing aerobatics in a plane. Billy Werth is AMAZING! He immediately set my mind at ease and went over everything! I am definitely telling my friends to place this event on their bucket list.
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Sep 22, 2016 Indianapolis By: Aaron W
Holy cow this was absolutely AMAZING and worth every penny. If you enjoy flying, you NEED to do this! :)
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Sep 22, 2016 Indianapolis By: Sheri V
I had a BLAST! Billy Werth was amazing! He is great at what he does. Communication was ongoing: he would check to see how I felt before each maneuver and gauge what I was up for next. He'd let me know what to expect prior to doing the next maneuver, then would talk me through that maneuver as he did it -- then start the process again. A true professional with an amazing personality for this. It is obvious that he loves what he does, and that he had as much fun as I did! The experience was priceless and I give him all of the credit for making it that way!! And, Billy Werth, thank you for your service. :-)
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Sep 22, 2016 Indianapolis By: Zachary R
This was one of the best experiences in my life. It was exciting, exhilarating, and well worth the money! I would recommend this to everyone who loves aviation and thrills!
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Dec 07, 2015 Indianapolis By: Mary D
Had a wonderful time. The pilot was very congenial. The only problem I had with the gift was I thought it was going to be in the old-style biplane. The plane I flew in was a biplane but it was a modern version, complete with a canopy enclosed cockpit. That was the only disappointment.
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Nov 18, 2015 Indianapolis By: John S
Billy (the pilot) was nothing short of absolutely outstanding. He was extremely friendly, and answered all our questions like we had been friends for years. During the ride, he made my son feel like both of them were going on adventure for the first time, with phases like, "hey let's try this," and "we'll have fun doing this." My son greatly enjoyed the ride, and he learned a lot about flight. Everybody who came that day to the airfield had a great time because of Billy. I gave him a ti,, you guys should give him a bonus, and use him as the standard when you are hiring people in the future.
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Oct 05, 2015 Indianapolis By: Mike R
Billy Werth is a great pilot and, above all, a great guy. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and got more than I bargained for. Excellent time.
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Oct 05, 2015 Indianapolis By: Tylene B
The pilot was excellent. Greatest experience ever!
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Sep 09, 2015 Indianapolis By: Chelsea J
For our two year wedding anniversary, my husband and I decided to do an Extreme Thrill Aerobatic Flight with pilot Billy Werth in Indianapolis. It was absolutely an incredible experience! We couldn't stop talking about it to all of our friends and family. Everyone kept asking us how they could do such a cool experience too. We also wanted to do a photo shoot with our photographer to capture our anniversary and this year's anniversary adventures, and Billy was more than willing to help us do anything and everything for a great shot. He really made our experience go above and beyond. He was such a great guy and an AWESOME pilot! He even let us take the controls a bit and do some barrel rolls on our own. We are definitely coming back and seeing him soon!!!!
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Sep 02, 2015 Indianapolis By: David D
About the coolest thing I have ever done. It was the thrill ride of a lifetime. I would heartily endorse the experience for anyone with the desire to add some thrill to their life. My pilot, Billy, was very personable and added to the overall experience with his enthusiasm and knowledge. We had a gorgeous day to be up chasing the clouds and executing some exhilarating stunts.
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Oct 15, 2014 Indianapolis By: Karla C
I have recommended it to all my friends. It was awesome!!!!
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Oct 13, 2014 Indianapolis By: Robert W
My experience was the ride in the Pitts Bi-Wing aircraft. Billy the pilot was fantastic, and put me through loops & rolls & maneuvers I have never heard of. This ride is not for the timid, although I would guess if you are the type who gets sick from aerobatics, Billy would give you a milder ride. Without a doubt the most fun I have had in a long time, and this said just a few weeks after riding the Dragon. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat!
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Oct 01, 2014 Indianapolis By: Michael P
The ex stream barn storming was out of this world. I would highly recommend this. Billy is a fantastic pilot. He made sure I was comfortable with the flite at all times. When I was done I had a smile that a moretion couldn't remove.
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Jul 28, 2014 Indianapolis By: Vicky W
Pilot Billy is awesome! If you have any interest in flying, or just love a good thrill, this place is where it's at! This was seriously one of the coolest things I've ever gotten to do! Billy, took me up and literally did every trick he could think of in this little plane! He even let me do a roll by myself! Such an awesome time! It made an amazing Christmas gift, even though I didn't get to go until the summer, the wait was so worth it.
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Jun 23, 2014 Indianapolis By: Patty E
My experience was nothing short of AMAZING! My experience was so much more than a couple of rolls and looking out the window. I will never forget my first ride and look forward to the next! Would highly recommend this experience, one of my best ever! THANK YOU!!!
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Dec 04, 2013 Indianapolis By: Sean M
Plane and pilot was great! Had a fantastic time. Will recommend to my friends. Thank you!
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Oct 09, 2013 Indianapolis By: Howard K
Absolutely fantastic. Only recommendation I can make is to advise people that they may be queasy afterwards so bring Tums! I recommend this to everyone.
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Aug 19, 2013 Indianapolis By: Richard S
It was a dream come true. It was the thrilling ride it was promised. Thank you and you Company.
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Nov 28, 2012 Indianapolis By: David W
WOW! Awesome stunt plane ride. Better than a track day, and i love racing! Worth every penny.
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Oct 08, 2012 Indianapolis By: Scott O
The experience was absolutely awesome! My pilot, Billy, is a grade A pilot who's friendly and outgoing personality added to the experience. The flight was EPIC to say the least. This stunt flight tops my list of most excitement, right up there with skydiving! I can't wait to be up in the air again soon!
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Jun 11, 2012 Indianapolis By: Jordan R
The ONLY problem I had was the video they provided does not appear to be working, but the experience itself was incredible!
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride May 31, 2012 Indianapolis By: Troy M
paid $40 for video and didn't get all of what was promised. No face shots. only a short clip of the ground view from the plane
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride May 22, 2012 Indianapolis By: Jeff M
An absolute BLAST!!! By far the wildest and craziest experience of my life! Everything about the supplier was top notch! Thanks for a great time!
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Oct 26, 2011 Indianapolis By: Cris U
Great experience, booking couldn't have been easier, and Andrew my pilot was awesome.
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Sep 12, 2011 Indianapolis By: Brent W
This was an awesome experience that I will be able to share forever and was the most thrilling ride I have ever had.
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Aug 17, 2011 Indianapolis By: Ron F
Ryan (pilot) was excellent. Very professional, friendly, and the aerobatic airplane ride was phenomenal. thanks!
Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride Apr 26, 2011 Indianapolis By: Keith R
If there was a rating above '10' I would give that. This was an anniversary gift and my pilot, Ryan, was experienced, friendly, and made this the best gift I've ever gotten! I would definitely do this again.