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Take the guesswork out of gift-giving and let your friend or loved one choose their own bucket list experience with this Miami Thrill Seeker collection! 

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Whether they choose to leap from a plane or race an iconic supercar down a track... this Miami Thrill Seeker gift is sure to get their adrenaline pumping!

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Private Everglades Airboat Adventure at Night

Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Hang Gliding


NASCAR Ride Along


Bioluminescent Paddle Adventure


Indy Car Ride Along


Exotic Car Thrill Ride


Private Everglades Airboat Adventure


NASCAR Ride Along


Miami Mountain Biking

Indy Car Ride Along


Tandem Hang Gliding

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Indy Car Ride Along Miami Thrill Seeker Jan 22, 2020 Miami By: Stan L
It went by in a flash, which was kind of expected. What was not expected was that they consider driving in/out to the race track part of the 3 laps included. I don't think that's fair considering the price. The video recording did not work, so even if I wanted to buy it, I couldn't. Also, there wasn't much interaction with the driver and/or crew. The driver didn't even bother to introduce himself. They really should have better customer service to make it an exciting event....but it was still fun.
Response from Cloud 9 Living
Hi Maria, Thank you for taking the time to write in and share your experience with us, although I am very sorry to hear of any disappointments! We definitely want to exceed your expectations! True to most tracks and driving schools, infield loops and connecting strips are typically included in the experience. With the track design, there's always a lap that will end before the straightaway no matter how many laps are driven. We do hope that the laps that went by in a flash were due to the adrenaline of getting to be in an Indy Car and created an exciting experience. It sounds like technology wasn’t cooperating, adding to the frustration. We understand that it can be a tough experience when you are unable to make the most of it due to technical issues. For that, we sincerely apologize! We can appreciate wanting to at least have the option for a fun souvenir, after taking on such a thrilling experience! Although we are hopeful that your driver was focused on providing a safe experience, we agree that an introduction is appreciated at the very least. We are more than happy to pass along your feedback! We do hope we can get you out on another experience soon, and have a second chance at a first impression! Please note that we have placed $25 in your account towards your next thrilling adventure. Kind Regards, Brianna
NASCAR Ride Along Miami Thrill Seeker Jan 13, 2020 Miami By: Michael C
The experience was outstanding!!! Would I do it again? Absolutely yes, without hesitation!!! If it's not on your bucket list, it should be!!!
Response from Cloud 9 Living
Hi Crystal, Thank you so much for your recommendation! We could not have said it any better than that! Happy to hear that we were able to help you check an adventure off of your bucket list. We can't wait to get you back out on the track for round 2 for more speed and thrill!    Kind Regards, Brianna
Exotic Car Thrill Ride Miami Thrill Seeker Jul 22, 2019 Miami By: Eric M
A little confusion at the beginning, had to search out to find which driver I was going with so I went out a little late, but once on the track the experience was unbelievable. The driver was top notch, friendly, and put on an unreal display of car control. Staff was friendly. Definitely recommend for any gear head.
Response from Cloud 9 Living
Good morning, Eric! We are so happy to hear of your unbelievable experience despite any confusion. We can certainly check in with our partners on any possibilities of making way-finding easier. We appreciate the recommendation, especially from a top notch customer such as yourself! Cheers,  Kasi
Bioluminescent Paddle Adventure Miami Thrill Seeker Jun 25, 2019 Miami By: Greg B
Our great was friendly and helpful!
Bioluminescent Paddle Adventure Miami Thrill Seeker Jun 25, 2019 Miami By: Chris D
It was a nice evening. Sun just went down, heat lightning in the distance, little fish skimming the tops of the water, stars filling the sky, and then bioluminescent algae making you feel like you’re propelled by star dust. Magical.
Response from Cloud 9 Living
Hi there Chris, Wow! What an incredible experience! This sounds like something straight out of a movie! We are so happy you enjoyed your time. We cannot wait to get you out on the water for another stellar experience! Best, Sophia
NASCAR Ride Along Miami Thrill Seeker Jan 22, 2019 Miami By: Brian R
First ride of the day...well organized and enjoyable.
Response from Cloud 9 Living
That's what we love to hear! We are so happy that you enjoyed your experience. 
Tandem Hang Gliding Miami Thrill Seeker Aug 15, 2018 Miami By: Michael M
It was fantastic! Knowledgeable, friendly professionals explained everything and answered al my questions. A great experience! Thank you!’
Private Everglades Airboat Adventure Miami Thrill Seeker Jun 04, 2018 Miami By: Stephanie C
We booked this trip and LOVED IT!!! The guide told us that there is a chance that they will not see any alligators, but we saw at least 6 that day! The guides were knowledgeable and very friendly! The boat was nice and not as loud as I expected. They do pass out ear plugs, but we did not need them. They take a picture of you and you can purchase it for about $10 at the end of the boat ride. I had so much fun and would absolutely do this again!!!!
NASCAR Ride Along Miami Thrill Seeker Jun 04, 2018 Miami By: Alberto S
The best Christmas gift I've received. Experience gifts are great and this one will be talked about for years to come.
Private Everglades Airboat Adventure Miami Thrill Seeker Mar 14, 2018 Miami By: Stephanie B
Had a great time! Charles our captain was very informative and knowledgeable! Was a great experience
Response from Cloud 9 Living
I'm so glad to hear that all of you had a great adventure! It's a really neat way to experience the beautiful area. I'll be sure to pass along your kind words to Captain Charles.  Thanks for your time and have a wonderful weekend!  Best, ​Brooke
NASCAR Ride Along Miami Thrill Seeker Jan 23, 2017 Miami By: Bruno S
It was a wonderful experience -- from the friendliness of the guard at the gate, to the assistants at the check-in counter, to the crew helping with the gear, physical instructions, etc. The adventure is well-worth repeating and recommended. One suggestion: more posted signs from the main road to the entrance of the racing area.
Exotic Car Thrill Ride Miami Thrill Seeker May 24, 2016 Miami By: Darien B
My experience was a blast. I would have preferred to ride in a Corvette though, I hear they go close to 200 MPH. The Camaro was great, and the driver was the best. He really knew how to drive and give you your money's worth.
NASCAR Ride Along Miami Thrill Seeker Feb 16, 2016 Miami By: Mario C
Indy Car Ride Along Miami Thrill Seeker Jan 19, 2016 Miami By: Jose P
This review is for the Andretti Drive Experience at Homestead Speedway, Florida. The email I received from Cloud 9 Living encouraged me to bring friends and family to the experience, so I did. I brought my 4 small children and my parents. When we arrived at the Homestead Speedway, on time, the attendant informed me that because of the rain, the experience was delayed. She told me that the wait could extend up to 7 hours, and that if I did not wait or if I was not there when the experience started, I would lose my voucher. I pointed at my 4 small children and told the attendant that I could not possibly wait for 7 hours with 4 small children, especially when there is no waiting area, no seating, and no water. She replied, "Those are the rules." There was no waiting area, no seating at all, no water, no snacks offered (not even vending machines), and dirty restrooms. Waiting customers were seated on the track's concrete barrier, or just standing up (I took pictures). The staff was unfriendly and uninformed. After waiting for 2 hours, without any updates, they finally started moving customers to an area by the racetrack, like moving cattle. When it was my time to do the experience, the driver did not even look at me, much less greeted me or introduce himself. They really need to invest in a tent and folding chairs, and proper training for their unfriendly staff. I would discourage anyone to book this experience.
NASCAR Ride Along Miami Thrill Seeker Feb 09, 2015 Miami By: Philip V
My experience in the NASCAR Ride Along was AMAZING! I want go back, but this time I actually would like to drive the car myself. I have also recommend that we purchase a Ride Along package to raffle off at my job.
NASCAR Ride Along Miami Thrill Seeker Feb 04, 2015 Miami By: Fred H
Could use better instructions to get to the Pit, like gate numbers, etc.
Exotic Car Thrill Ride Miami Thrill Seeker Jan 05, 2015 Miami By: Eric S
Had an awesome time. Mom really surprised us this Christmas. :)
Exotic Car Thrill Ride Miami Thrill Seeker Nov 26, 2014 Miami By: Bobby H
It was a great experience. It just seemed a little rushed and short, as it went by so fast. But it was very memorable and fun.
Indy Car Ride Along Miami Thrill Seeker Jan 27, 2014 Miami By: WILLIAM A
Indy Car Ride Along Miami Thrill Seeker May 22, 2012 Miami By: Lenny E
Absolutely enjoyed the experience. Would do it again!!
Exotic Car Thrill Ride Miami Thrill Seeker Dec 31, 1969 Miami By: Elaine B
I was very impressed with the professional manner in which this car ride was managed. Safety was a big issue for this company. Although I was given the choice of driving or having a driver I felt safer with their experienced at these high speeds. It was really fun to zip around the course at 146 mph.
Response from Cloud 9 Living
Hello, Elaine! We're just as impressed with your review - and what a fast ride! Thank you so much for sharing.  Cheers,  Kasia
NASCAR Ride Along Miami Thrill Seeker Dec 31, 1969 Miami By: Danny E
Very exciting! Will look for another Cloud 9 experience in the future!
NASCAR Ride Along Miami Thrill Seeker Dec 31, 1969 Miami By: David D
Very fun! The 3 laps are very short and go by. really quick but a great experience anyway. If it were 4 or 5 laps it would be perfect.