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Cincinnati Date Night

A Cloud 9 Living Collection

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If giving as a gift, your recipient can choose a date at their convenience; otherwise, you can choose one after checkout.

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  • Give the gift of romance with a handpicked selection of our favorite experiences for couples.

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Let Them Choose Their Perfect Date!

Take the guesswork out of gift-giving and let your friend or loved one choose their perfect date with this Cincinnati Date Night collection! 

Our handpicked selection of top-rated experiences for two allows the happy couple to select the experience of their choice and book a date convenient for them.

Whether seeking an intimate meal on the water or an afternoon exploring the city - this Date Night gift has something for every type of couple!

Do I have to choose the experience at the time of purchase?

No - This Date Night gift is different from our other experience vouchers because you are giving your recipient the gift of choice! We have handpicked a collection of our top-rated experiences for couples and your recipient can choose which experience they would like to do and when. 

Of course, if your recipient chooses to do an experience not included in the Date Night Collection, they are welcome to exchange this gift and apply the monetary value of the voucher toward any other experience on our site.

Is this Date Night gift exchangeable?

Absolutely! The value of this package can be applied towards any experience on the site. To exchange, click on the "My Vouchers" tab in your account. 

Does this gift have any restrictions?

No, but some experiences included do have differing guidelines for things like age, weight, and height. Please be mindful of these restrictions when choosing your perfect date!

What if the experience chosen costs less than the voucher?

No problem! Your recipient will have the balance to use for future bookings toward any experience on the site. 

Sunset Dinner Cruise & Wine Tasting


Murder Mystery Dinner Show


Riverboat Dinner Cruise


Dixieland Jazz Brunch Cruise


Escape Room

View More Reviews:
Murder Mystery Dinner Show Cincinnati Date Night Nov 04, 2019 Cincinnati By: Carol D
Show was very entertaining! I wasn’t sure what to expect but the dinner was surprisingly good with an awesome view. I would definitely recommend
Response from Cloud 9 Living
Hi Carol, So glad to hear your experience exceeded expectations! The location by the river certainly adds a certain ambiance to the show, and only heightens the experience. Thanks for taking the time to write in! Cheers, Inah
Dixieland Jazz Brunch Cruise Cincinnati Date Night Sep 26, 2019 Cincinnati By: Cheryl F
Delicious food, friendly staff, informative tour and great weather made our cruise wonderful!
Response from Cloud 9 Living
Hey Cheryl! Hooray! Seems to me that the Dixieland Jazz Brunch Cruise was a real hit! All aspects of your experience lined of perfectly for a great day on the water! Let us know when you're ready to get out on another great adventure. Best, Sophia
Sunset Dinner Cruise & Wine Tasting Cincinnati Date Night Sep 18, 2019 Cincinnati By: Christina B
Was amazing food. Great 1st time experience. Cant wait to book again. Wine was all so good. Music was amazing.
Riverboat Dinner Cruise Cincinnati Date Night Sep 12, 2019 Cincinnati By: Kim H
Went for family dinner for daughter's birthday. Food was really good, atmosphere and the experience was just awesome.
Murder Mystery Dinner Show Cincinnati Date Night Aug 21, 2019 Cincinnati By: David S
The actors and the "plot" of the murder was great. There was a lot of interaction between the diners and also with the actors. Our regret was the meal. The food was not good at all. It was cold and my wife's chicken was even pink in the middle. The appetizers were a bit of a joke- macaroni and cheese fried and looked like chicken nuggets. But the mystery game and the facility was great. Our service was excellent. We enjoyed talking with our table of people and also "mingling" to find out if we could figure out who the "murderer" was. Our only regret was the food. We were actually looking for a place to eat when we left.
Response from Cloud 9 Living
Hi Cindy, Thank you for providing your honest feedback! While I'm thrilled that the entertainment itself made for a fun night, I'm sorry to hear that the food was not up to par. It is, after all, a dinner show, and both parts are needed to make for a truly memorable night. I'll be sure to pass your comments along to our show partner as I know they would appreciate your feedback as well. I know your show has come and gone, and any future improvements might be of little impact to you, but we'd love to make this right. I have placed a $25 voucher in your account for use towards another experience should you wish to give us another try - perhaps take in Cincinnati's unique culinary scene by going on a food tour? Warm Regards, Inah
Riverboat Dinner Cruise Cincinnati Date Night Aug 07, 2019 Cincinnati By: Noelle L
It took an hour to get one drink. The boat smelled like vomit. The food was cold and I wasn't able to get salad, or meat during dinner. I was asked to wait until the buffets were combined (1 full hour after dinner was served). The views were amazing, but the food and the condition of the ship was poor.
Response from Cloud 9 Living
Hi there Noelle, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to write in regarding your Riverboat Dinner Cruise! We appreciate the feedback.  I am sorry that the cruise was anything less than wonderful. It seems like this cruise was an incredibly popular choice for dinner that evening! An hour for a drink does seem like a long time, but we do hope that it was worth the wait!   We apologize for the unpleasant smell. It sounds like another guest forgot to have their sea-legs ready for the event!  I reached out to our partners and they did let us know that food is served on a "Captain's Call" basis. This means the captain calls tables up one or so at a time to go through the buffet line. They also mentioned that should food run out between table calls, they will often delay guests from going through the buffet in order to restock the food, and condense to one buffet line. It seems that this may have been the cause of the wait. In any case, we are incredibly sorry that your meal was not as expected.  I am thrilled to hear that the views were breathtaking! Hopefully this made up for the frustration during dinner.  Please note, we have placed a $25.00 credit in your Cloud 9 Living account for future use. We hope to get you out on another adventure soon!  Very Best, Sophia
Riverboat Dinner Cruise Cincinnati Date Night Aug 05, 2019 Cincinnati By: Jerry G
The trip was well organized and on time. we had great weather so the visual experience was excellent.
Riverboat Dinner Cruise Cincinnati Date Night Jul 16, 2019 Cincinnati By: Harry &
Food was good but consistently ran out on the buffet and had to wait for the buffet to be refreshed.
Dixieland Jazz Brunch Cruise Cincinnati Date Night May 28, 2019 Cincinnati By: Shawna R
Went for my dad's 69th birthday. We all had fun
Response from Cloud 9 Living
Hi Shawna,  So happy to hear that you Dixieland Jazz Brunch Cruise made for a splendid birthday for your father!  Regards, Sophia
Riverboat Dinner Cruise Cincinnati Date Night May 15, 2019 Cincinnati By: Dave H
Great crew, great food and beautiful scenery! Perfect adventure for our anniversary! Would definitely recommend!
Response from Cloud 9 Living
Cheers to a perfect adventure! Happy Anniversary from the entire team at Cloud 9 Living!
Riverboat Dinner Cruise Cincinnati Date Night Apr 05, 2019 Cincinnati By: Lori M
The waitress was very forgetful and one time brought me someone else's refill. The music was too loud during the dining experience - could hardly hear your partner. I would recommend making only 1 floor for dancing and music - that way everyone can enjoy peace/quiet and sites if needed
Response from Cloud 9 Living
Hi Lori,  I have to start with a sincere thanks. Despite what sounds like a few bumps in the night, you still took the time to write in and offer some feedback along with recommendations. We truly appreciate that, and you as a customer.    Rest assured we will pass the suggestions along - our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience. Everyone deserves a little peace and quiet!   We hope that you were still able to enjoy your night out on the water! I've placed $25 in your account for future use should you choose another experience for a special night! Cheers,  Kasia
Murder Mystery Dinner Show Cincinnati Date Night Mar 01, 2019 Cincinnati By: Rick B
Great time
Response from Cloud 9 Living
Hi Rick, A great time for a great customer, thanks for sharing! Cheers, Inah 
Murder Mystery Dinner Show Cincinnati Date Night Mar 01, 2019 Cincinnati By: Mike &
The dinner theater was so much fun. Food was excellent. Service was awesome, and the show was a lot of fun. Definitely recommend!
Response from Cloud 9 Living
Hi Heather, Thank you for taking the time to write a review. I'm so happy to hear you had a great experience. Let us know when you feel like getting out on another adventure! Warm Regards, Inah
Murder Mystery Dinner Show Cincinnati Date Night Feb 22, 2019 Cincinnati By: Nicole K
Murder Mystery Dinner Show was a blast! I can’t wait to do it again!
Response from Cloud 9 Living
Hi Nicole, That's wonderful! Let us know when you feel like honing your detective skills even more! Cheers, Inah
Sunset Dinner Cruise & Wine Tasting Cincinnati Date Night Sep 04, 2018 Cincinnati By: Tenika V
The overall experience was good. It was my Anniversary, so I ordered the extra package which included balloons at my table and a shrimp appetizer. They forgot my balloons, but I did receive them as I was leaving. I had to get the bartender involved because the waitress never came, until she overheard my conversation with the bartender while she was grabbing plates. The 1st level cabin which I was on was very hot. Ceiling fans only with no A/C. The 2nd level cabin had A/C and was very comfortable. The food was just ok. The views are lovely.
Riverboat Dinner Cruise Cincinnati Date Night Sep 04, 2018 Cincinnati By: Yi-Ting T
I would not recommend this experience to anyone unless they are pure tourists from outside of Cincinnati. It was supposed to be a dinner cruise experience, but the only enjoyable part is the cruise. The dinner experience was awful. They did not properly manage the amount of the food they needed to provide, letting people just hanging there in line waiting for them to bring more food out. People came to the event mostly for special occasions, and when some people complained to the managers about the staffs were not closely monitoring the food on the counter and they had to just stand there waiting, i heard the manager saying "this is how buffet is." I couldn't believe what I heard, because first, this is NOT how buffet is, and second, she didn't apploize for the poor management but trying to get away with it by saying something like "this is how buffet is"?? This was really not a good experience with the dinner part. But at least we got to enjoy the cruise part and the live music. If someone wants to try the cruise dinner experience, I would just tell them to have a nice dinner in a restaurant somewhere else first.
Riverboat Dinner Cruise Cincinnati Date Night Aug 28, 2018 Cincinnati By: Lisa H
It was fun. Food was good. Service very slow.
Murder Mystery Dinner Show Cincinnati Date Night Aug 28, 2018 Cincinnati By: Renee W
The show was entertaining, the food was great, and we had a lot of fun!
Riverboat Dinner Cruise Cincinnati Date Night Aug 28, 2018 Cincinnati By: Ronnie D
At the beginning the organization getting on the boat was kind of messy because of a family reunion but afterwards it was nothing but good. Good Food Music & scenery & people I would definitely be back it was worth the money...
Riverboat Dinner Cruise Cincinnati Date Night Aug 28, 2018 Cincinnati By: Elisabeth M
We had a great buffet meal and could have had seconds if we wanted. There was also cheesecake for dessert. We were free to walk around on all the decks of the boat. The live band was at a good volume, nothing too fancy though - which was perfect for us!
Sunset Dinner Cruise & Wine Tasting Cincinnati Date Night Jul 18, 2017 Cincinnati By: Kaycee K
The food was not at all what I expected, definitely not worth the price. The air was broken, and the cabin was unbelievably hot and uncomfortable. The views and drinks were the only good part of the experience.
Riverboat Dinner Cruise Cincinnati Date Night Jul 10, 2017 Cincinnati By: Cindy E
My husband and I were given this dinner cruise as a gift. It was a perfect night for a dinner cruise. The food was excellent. However, the tables we were seated at were so cramped together, you had to walk around several tables to get back to your seat because we were backed right up against another table. And if we had sat on the other side of the table, I was afraid food would be dropped on me because that is how close I would have been to the food and the guy cutting the meat. And I felt sorry for the people sitting by the doors to get out because there was only about 2 feet of space between them and the door. The drinks were WAY over priced. If you wanted a frozen drink you had to buy the souvenir glass... $13.25 for a frozen drink!!! And for $60 a person they can't even throw in soft drinks!!! Also, there was supposed to be wine tasting and we never did get any wine, nor was it mentioned by the servers. Other than that, we enjoyed listening to the music and cruising along the river. I wouldn't mind paying $60 if the drinks weren't so expensive.