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There's something special about being on the water. So it's no wonder that stepping aboard a picturesque city cruise offers a brand new take on sightseeing and something fun to do! Whether visiting a new area or further exploring the place you call home — experience how a boat ride can add a little dazzle to any day!

Cloud 9 Living's array of scenic cruises invite you to escape the hustle and bustle of almost any major metropolis on the east and west coast, in a variety of unique ways. From sightseeing boat rides to brunches, and sunset sails to lazy river wanders, Cloud 9 Living's wide array of scenic cruises add the perfect touch to any afternoon or evening.

But don't take our word for it — try one of these unforgettable city cruises for yourself! Nothing compares to floating along the tranquil waters of a beautiful lake or bay, without a care in the world. Admire the skyline of Manhattan beside Lady Liberty, on a sunset cruise aboard a majestic tall ship, sipping fine wine or swaying to live music. Catch a magnificent, fresh breeze from aboard a sailboat as you skim gracefully across the Chesapeake Bay. Or journey along the famed Potomac, making your way to the historic plantation of George Washington himself, on one of the most remarkable scenic cruises in the D.C. area.

And for even more options, don't miss out on a great meal during your scenic cruise! Choose from a variety of available dining options and amenities (which vary depending on cruise type and departure city): gourmet plated meals, impressive buffet spreads, live bands, DJ entertainment, dancing, private or combined seating, full-service cash bars, free-flowing champagne brunch on the boat, and much more. However you want to take to the water, Cloud 9 Living's coast to coast selection of scenic cruises offer endless ways to enjoy fresh air, freedom, and the rhythmic lapping of waves.