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Take the guesswork out of gift-giving and let your friend or loved one choose their own bucket list experience with this Seattle Thrill Seeker collection! 

Our handpicked selection of top-rated adventures allows your recipient to select the adrenaline-filled experience of their choice and book a date convenient for them.

Whether they choose to conquer raging whitewater or race an iconic supercar down a track... this Seattle Thrill Seeker gift is sure to get their adrenaline pumping!

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No, but some experiences included do have differing guidelines for things like age, weight, and height. Please be mindful of these restrictions when choosing your adventure!

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No problem! Your recipient will have the balance to use for future bookings toward any experience on the site. 

Aerial Adventure Course


Indoor Skydiving


Learn to Fly a Helicopter


Whitewater Rafting

View More Reviews:
Whitewater Rafting Seattle Thrill Seeker Jun 26, 2019 Seattle By: Dorry &
Safe, fun, challenging and exciting! Guides were spot on and outfitters provided everything!
Learn to Fly a Helicopter Seattle Thrill Seeker May 28, 2019 Seattle By: Dan M
Fun and exciting
Indoor Skydiving Seattle Thrill Seeker May 28, 2019 Seattle By: Kathleen K
Very fun! Was a great birthday gift. They are willing work with you in case of any last minute changes. Worth the wait in case a big group is ahead of you, too. I'd try it again.
Response from Cloud 9 Living
Hi Kathleen, thanks for taking the time to share your indoor skydiving experience with us. We're thrilled that someone gave this to you as a gift and that you had so much fun doing it! We can't wait to see you back for more fun experiences in the future!!! Best, Kelsey
Learn to Fly a Helicopter Seattle Thrill Seeker May 15, 2019 Seattle By: Meghan G
This was a 40th bday gift from my sister, she nailed it! I had such a blast. The instructional portion crams about as much as you could learn in such a short time! The helicopter ride was insanely fun, getting to control it for a few moments knowing there was an awesome pilot as a back up made it slightly less nerve-wracking. Total bucket list experience!
Aerial Adventure Course Seattle Thrill Seeker Oct 23, 2018 Seattle By: Nicole &
This was such a fun and different way to spend our morning in Woodinville! I was surprised that all of the participants were adults and everyone was so willing to accept the challenge. The guides were really good at helping to make the course easier or more challenging depending on what you needed and wanted. We had a great time!
Response from Cloud 9 Living
Thanks for the great review. It is an awesome experience, almost like an adult playground. I'm glad to hear you all enjoyed it!  Best, ​Brooke
Whitewater Rafting Seattle Thrill Seeker Sep 25, 2018 Seattle By: Tina V
Great fun! The guides were awesome!
Response from Cloud 9 Living
Thanks for the review! Glad to hear you all had fun. I'll let your guides know. Enjoy your week!  Best, ​Brooke
Whitewater Rafting Seattle Thrill Seeker Aug 28, 2018 Seattle By: Lacy E
Took my son while he was in town. Spencer was an awesome guide! We had a great time!
Whitewater Rafting Seattle Thrill Seeker Jul 11, 2017 Seattle By: Robert W
Easy to book experiences thru Cloud 9 Living, almost anything one can think of -- big thanks to them!
Learn to Fly a Helicopter Seattle Thrill Seeker Apr 04, 2017 Seattle By: James P
Might think about getting a license to fly helicopters using these guys. It was fun and challenging.
Learn to Fly a Helicopter Seattle Thrill Seeker Feb 23, 2017 Seattle By: Paul J
I really enjoyed this experience. The instructor was very knowledgeable and good-humored. The flight itself was awesome. Taking the controls of a helicopter for the first time was a rush. It's definitely something I recommend.
Indoor Skydiving Seattle Thrill Seeker Dec 20, 2016 Seattle By: Kristen L
Other then the 45 minute wait for the other flyers to arrive, it was a blast. Our instructor (Josh) was very knowledgeable and made the experience very fun. We will be doing this again in the future. Thank you!
Learn to Fly a Helicopter Seattle Thrill Seeker Aug 12, 2015 Seattle By: Eric D
This is definitely a unique opportunity, and not for the faint of heart. The helicopter is like a tiny bubble propelling you into the sky, but my instructor was incredibly friendly, and I quickly learned a lot about how helicopters work. The ride itself is rather short, about 20-25 minutes after take off, enough time to practice flying straight and some gentle turns under watchful guidance. Really this is to whet your appetite for pursuing a pilot's license. Maybe someday, but for a relatively low price this was a perfectly good taste.
Learn to Fly a Helicopter Seattle Thrill Seeker May 19, 2015 Seattle By: Nick N
Pre-flight instruction was shorter than specified. Flight time was also a little shorter. But overall experience was good.
Learn to Fly a Helicopter Seattle Thrill Seeker Dec 29, 2014 Seattle By: Jeffrey O
It turned out to be a two day event because of weather. We did the ground training on Saturday as planned but the weather did not allow us to fly. I came back on Monday and we went up and had a great time. It was a life-changing experience. I am now looking to get my pilot's license. Thank you for helping me have this lesson.
Learn to Fly a Helicopter Seattle Thrill Seeker Sep 15, 2014 Seattle By: Jennifer H
I didn't expect as much one-on-one instruction. It was a very personalized experience. The landing in a clearing gave me a great understanding of how very maneuverable helicopters truly are. Thank for a wonderful memory!
Learn to Fly a Helicopter Seattle Thrill Seeker Jul 28, 2014 Seattle By: Frank Y
Even thought I already had single engine fixed wing experience, the ground class was educational and very thorough. The flight experience was exactly what I expected and the way I wanted it to be.
Learn to Fly a Helicopter Seattle Thrill Seeker Sep 30, 2013 Seattle By: Elke R
I really enjoyed the experience. However, it was more like a ride in a helicopter than learning to fly a helicopter. The introduction was very short and dense with information. The ride itself was fantastic and the pilot very friendly.
Whitewater Rafting Seattle Thrill Seeker Sep 30, 2013 Seattle By: Doug A
Rafting the Tieton with Nels, our guide, was fantastic. He is a highly skilled rafting guide, and we had a real blast on the river! A word of warning: if it's chilly, be sure to dress warmly! The water is COLD!
Whitewater Rafting Seattle Thrill Seeker Jul 13, 2012 Seattle By: KELLY W
Wonderful. We had such a great time.
Whitewater Rafting Seattle Thrill Seeker Jun 06, 2012 Seattle By: Whitney M
My family and I can't put into words how much fun we had.. I'd recommend this to anyone! Our instructor Michael couldn't have done a better job. He was extremely knowledgable and very funny. The next time our family books this trip we will request him. Thanks so much, The Maxwell family
Whitewater Rafting Seattle Thrill Seeker Jul 05, 2011 Seattle By: Kendra B
Very easy to complete the process and all worked out well. Fun options through Cloud 9 and we had a great time with the provider for a great adventure - well organized, experienced and knowledgeable.