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Seattle Date Night 

A Cloud 9 Living Collection

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Take the guesswork out of gift-giving and let your friend or loved one choose their perfect date with this Seattle Date Night collection! 

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Whether seeking an intimate meal on the water or an adrenaline-filled adventure to remember - this Date Night gift has something for every type of couple!

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Lake Union Sunset Cruise


Indoor Skydiving


Aerial Adventure Course


Lake Union Wine Tasting Cruise


Seattle Locks Cruise


Seattle Lakes Sightseeing Cruise


Pop Culture Bike Tour


Learn to Sail on Lake Union


Lake Washington Cruise

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Learn to Sail on Lake Union Seattle Date Night Sep 05, 2019 Seattle By: Liza E
We had a wonderful time sailing around lake Union!
Lake Union Wine Tasting Cruise Seattle Date Night Sep 03, 2019 Seattle By: Phyllis J
My husband and I totally enjoyed the wine tasting cruise! All the employees on the boat were extremely knowledgeable. It was also a beautiful day! I especially enjoyed going past the floating homes. Employees explained the area very well. We look forward to going on the cruise again!
Response from Cloud 9 Living
Hi there Phyllis,  Oh my stars! It sounds like your Lake Union Wine Tasting Cruise was a blast! I am thrilled to hear that it was such an incredible day taking in all of the neat sights of Seattle. Our partners will be so thrilled to hear you appreciated their knowledge of the unique area and their friendliness! We cannot wait to get you out on the water again soon! Best, Sophia
Lake Union Sunset Cruise Seattle Date Night Jul 22, 2019 Seattle By: Madeline H
Beautiful evening sailing on Lake Union. Crew was both professional and friendly.
Lake Union Wine Tasting Cruise Seattle Date Night Jun 06, 2019 Seattle By: Alexa D
I don't recommend this at all. There's a chance that some of our misfortune was merely due to weather, but I still think the overall experience was low quality and over priced. The ticketing was really confusing upon arrival, and there were no crew members to greet us until the boat took off. Also, this isn't a wine tasting cruise. There are children and families on the cruise and some people are drinking wine. The screaming children really ruin the atmosphere. The lines to get wine were really long on the ship and the seats are CRAMMED together. It's basically like flying in the back of an airplane, just on the water. Screaming kids, elbowing the stranger next to you, etc. I imagine this could be more fun in the summer when the boat isn't packed and freezing, but this wasn't a great experience. It's basically a family tour of the lake where some people drink wine. I think it's overpriced for the low quality of the experience.
Response from Cloud 9 Living
Hi Alexa,    Thanks so much for reaching out to let us know!    Weather can always be a tricky thing to deal with when out on the water.  Cooler weather can be unpredictable and can lead everyone into the warmth of the interior of the vessel, making for less space.  Regardless, we totally understand how frustrating it can be when you're crammed into a smaller space than anticipated.    We spoke with our cruise partners and they did let us know that the crew may not have been outside due to being short-staffed and the inclement weather. They also let us know that it is their policy to always have a crew member available to assist with boarding, and apologize if this was not the case on the day of your cruise.    Our cruise partners also informed us that when weather is less than superb, they aim to lessen the number of people aboard each vessel in order to provide for more space in the enclosed area. As it is early in the summer, they felt they reacted to the weather a bit too late, and were unable to take such measures to prevent overcrowding. We know this doesn't change the fact that children were screaming, but we can safely assume that more room to roam would have made for a bit more calm with all passengers!    Any wine-tasting experience most certainly would have been more enjoyable with more space to savor the views and the wine! We would like to go ahead and extend the most sincere apologies for the unfortunate turn of events.    With this, we have gone ahead and returned the value of your original voucher to your account for future use. The voucher is in your account and available for use. We also went ahead and initiated a refund for you the upgrade fee to the account used to purchase it. Please allow 3-7 business days for the funds to be returned to your account.    Again, we sincerely apologize for the day not going as planned. We hope to get you out on another adventure!   Very Best,  Sophia
Indoor Skydiving Seattle Date Night May 28, 2019 Seattle By: Kathleen K
Very fun! Was a great birthday gift. They are willing work with you in case of any last minute changes. Worth the wait in case a big group is ahead of you, too. I'd try it again.
Response from Cloud 9 Living
Hi Kathleen, thanks for taking the time to share your indoor skydiving experience with us. We're thrilled that someone gave this to you as a gift and that you had so much fun doing it! We can't wait to see you back for more fun experiences in the future!!! Best, Kelsey
Aerial Adventure Course Seattle Date Night Oct 23, 2018 Seattle By: Nicole &
This was such a fun and different way to spend our morning in Woodinville! I was surprised that all of the participants were adults and everyone was so willing to accept the challenge. The guides were really good at helping to make the course easier or more challenging depending on what you needed and wanted. We had a great time!
Response from Cloud 9 Living
Thanks for the great review. It is an awesome experience, almost like an adult playground. I'm glad to hear you all enjoyed it!  Best, ​Brooke
Learn to Sail on Lake Union Seattle Date Night Sep 04, 2018 Seattle By: Kumar G
It was a really experience to learn the basics of sailing with my girlfriend. The captain was really knowledgable and cool. We had a great time. There were some thrilling moments when we tried to avoid the seaplanes :D. I would love to go for it some other time.
Lake Union Wine Tasting Cruise Seattle Date Night Aug 28, 2018 Seattle By: Greg M
We were pleasantly surprised to find out that this cruise actually covers much more than just Lake Union! The Argossy boat also went all the way to Lake Washington with occasional non-intrusive narration offering tidbits of waterfront info that was even new to us Seattle residents.
Learn to Sail on Lake Union Seattle Date Night Aug 28, 2018 Seattle By: William H
Very pleasant, relaxing learning experience on Lake Union. Instructor was very good at teaching basic sailing skills
Seattle Locks Cruise Seattle Date Night Aug 28, 2018 Seattle By: Stephanie A
Don't miss this wonderful Argosy Cruise through the Ballard Locks. Even in rainy weather (there is indoor seating), this cruise would be interesting. Pick up the ship at Pier 55, head north and prepare for a one of kind experience going through the locks into Lake Union. Lots to see in Lake Union, maybe even a giant cow (Dairy Association) on a barge! You aren't required to take the bus back to Pier 55 and we opted to walk the 1.2 miles to Seattle Center for more tourist fun. Cam was a great tour guide on board. There are snacks, beverages and clean bathrooms. Wonderful experience!
Learn to Sail on Lake Union Seattle Date Night Aug 28, 2018 Seattle By: Gary L
Was fun, a bit overwhelming, but that was more my fault
Lake Union Sunset Cruise Seattle Date Night Feb 07, 2018 Seattle By: Claire M
My boyfriend and I had a great time on our boat experience. There were only the two of us and the captain, and because we went in January, there were practically no other boats on the lake. The captain provided us with blankets and heating pads, and we had a fantastic experience.
Response from Cloud 9 Living
Hey Claire,  Hope all is well. I want to start by thanking you for taking the time to write in and tell us about your sunset cruise. I am so happy to hear that the two of you got to relax and enjoy a wonderful sunset on the water, despite the chill. That had to have been really nice to have the cruise and the water to yourselves. Hopefully you were able to see a pretty sunset. Let me know when you're ready to get back out on the water. Enjoy the rest of your week and thank you again for all of your time.  Best, Brooke 
Indoor Skydiving Seattle Date Night Dec 20, 2016 Seattle By: Kristen L
Other then the 45 minute wait for the other flyers to arrive, it was a blast. Our instructor (Josh) was very knowledgeable and made the experience very fun. We will be doing this again in the future. Thank you!
Seattle Lakes Sightseeing Cruise Seattle Date Night Aug 17, 2016 Seattle By: Dragana S
We were very satisfied. It was fun, informative and enjoyable. Will recommend to friends.
Seattle Lakes Sightseeing Cruise Seattle Date Night Jun 14, 2016 Seattle By: Drew S
Beautiful sites and interesting information for visitors and locals alike!
Seattle Lakes Sightseeing Cruise Seattle Date Night Aug 25, 2015 Seattle By: Debra B
It was lots of fun.
Seattle Lakes Sightseeing Cruise Seattle Date Night Aug 10, 2015 Seattle By: Elizabeth K
It was a very informative and well-charted cruise. I got to know Seattle very well and learned some unique facts that I didn't know previously.
Seattle Locks Cruise Seattle Date Night Jul 27, 2015 Seattle By: Debra B
It was lots of fun, and I would do this again.
Learn to Sail on Lake Union Seattle Date Night Oct 13, 2014 Seattle By: Hristo I
Two hours sailing lesson for beginners on lake Union: Very nice and skilled instructor. Clean and comfortable boat. Good weather - just the right amount of wind for beginners. Great experience altogether!
Seattle Lakes Sightseeing Cruise Seattle Date Night Sep 08, 2014 Seattle By: Aubrey S
We changed to the Seattle Locks Cruise, and it was great! It was 2.5 hours through the harbor of Seattle, into the Locks from salt water to fresh water, past the house from Sleepless in Seattle, and into a freshwater dock where a coach bus took us back to the original pier.
Learn to Sail on Lake Union Seattle Date Night Aug 19, 2013 Seattle By: Helen P
Loved sailing. Lake Union Charters was awesome! Small group (4 people) and passionate instructor.
Pop Culture Bike Tour Seattle Date Night Dec 03, 2008 Seattle By: Sally D
This was a great way to see Seattle. The best part of the program was traveling in my own city at just the right pace. Not too slow like walking and not too fast like driving. It was great! ... I enjoyed the historical tidbits and the info on the tiles, sculptures, etc. I've lived here for 18 years and learned a lot of new info.